Nadav S. Berman

Shalom, dear visitor.

My name is Nadav Shifman Berman, a scholar of Jewish thought, the philosophy of Halakhah, and their connections to classical American Pragmatism. I am also examining the contribution of Jewish thought to some present techno-ethical challenges (see more at my Academia website).

In 1996 I studied at the Ma'aleh Gilbo'a Yeshivah, where I learned from great teachers, including Rabbi David Bigman, R. Yehudah Gil'ad, R. Shmuel Reiner, and R. Elisha Ancselovits. Between 2002-2006 I was privileged to study at “Revivim”, Jewish studies teachers training honors program.

I am married to Eliraz, we reside with our children in Jerusalem. In this website I reflect on Judaism, Israel, social issues, education, and technology, from a Jewish-humane and Zionist perspective. The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily represent any institution I work for or affiliate with. In fact, if you will read this website carefully, you will notice that some opinions I formerly expressed don't fully represent me in the present. This website is ultimately a call for further conversation.

You may contact me at nadav.berman ( a t )

All the best,

Nadav S. Berman